Top 5 Eco-Friendly Hotels in the World!


In today’s world, maintaining compliance with environmental regulations is paramount for any business. With increasing global temperatures and advancing climate change, reducing environmental impact in every strand of living is essential. Businesses around the world have benefited greatly on an economic front from being leaders in their class for holding a strong eco-friendly mentality. In this article, we look at 5 of the world’s top eco-friendly hotels, which have successfully reduced their overall impact on the environment.


5. K West Hotel & Spa

K West Hotel & Spa is undeniably one of the most desired places to stay in West London. The hotel offers 220 luxurious guest rooms, an award winning spa – boasting the only “Snow Paradise” in London as well as a restaurant serving creative & modern cuisine.

K West Hotel & Spa is dedicated to minimising the impact its operations have on the environment. This dedication is led by the employment of its “Green Team” who monitor, plan and implement environmental policies and programmes within the premises. The Hotel has a paperless policy for its reservations systems, eco-friendly LED lights installed throughout the hotel to minimise energy usage and uses responsible suppliers to provide eco-friendly products. All paints used in the hotel are water based and all wood has been sourced from suppliers who are accredited by the Forest Stewardship Council showing that every last detail has been considered.



4. The Ramada Eco Beach Resort, Australia

Undoubtedly one of the front runners in eco-tourism, the Ramada Eco Beach Resort does everything it can to encourage eco-friendly behaviour, from self-sustaining solar power to their very own on-site water recycling plant. The resort even offers the opportunity for guests to use energy monitoring systems in their eco-villas to monitor and adjust their individual consumption.



3. Earthship, New Mexico

The Earthship Biotecture property in Taos, New Mexico, self describes itself as “radically sustainable,” and there is nothing else like it. Stay completely off the grid in these fully sustainable, fully furnished homes, ranging from small units to luxury getaways. Food is grown on site, buildings are made out of recycled material, electricity comes from the sun and water is collected from rain and snow. Although you can get WiFi on site, you can also choose to keep your vacation remote and simple.



2. Bardessono Hotel, California

The Napa Valley based Bardessono hotel is one of only three in the world that has earned a platinum LEED certification, the highest level. The building was made out of non-toxic, non-allergenic materials and the wood from salvaged trees. The spa and restaurant value locally sourced products. Recycling and composting is a given. Everything has the Earth in mind, from the organic linens to cleaning products. Even during construction, the contractor had recycled more than 93 percent of construction waste.



1. The Laguna Lodge, Guatamala

The Laguna Lodge is proof that luxury can co-exist with respect for the environment. This lake-shore property is nature-inspired and built from local materials, such as volcanic stone, and largely self-sufficient with regards to water, food and renewable energy. Laguna Lodge is built within a nature reserve, spanning 100 acres of bio-diverse land. Relax in the lava bar or hot river rock spa pool, and relax knowing only non-toxic, biodegradable products and cleaning supplies are used here.



It is clear to see that the eco-friendly mentality in which these hotels have adopted have given them a worldwide reputation. Whilst also helping towards providing a cleaner future for generations to come, these businesses have developed a brand in which customers want to be a part of.



K West Hotel & Spa

K West Hotel & Spa: Photo

The Ramada Eco Beach: Photo

Earthship: Photo

Bardessono: Photo

The Laguna Lodge: Photo

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